Saturday, August 6, 2011

Long Time No Post

Dear Isaac,

I haven't written to you in awhile.  Not for lack of fodder, you just say and do so many hilarious things it's hard to write them all down. 

Two things you have said recently that I have found particularly funny:

While sitting on the potty, you decided to show your advanced mastery of the English language by speaking in simile.  "Mommy, my poop takes a long time to come.  Just like the A train."

The other day as you and I were leaving for school, you told Daddy, "Have a good day, Daddy.  Don't forget to be a good listener for Eleanor."

Last we were running errands for Eleanor's birthday party and you told me you wanted to go to the store and buy her a present, just from you.  You are a really nice brother, so I decided it was a good idea.  I'm glad you ultimately decided to get her some Winnie the Pooh characters instead of a Mater car.  I'm not sure she likes Mater as much as you do, I think you were projecting.

Other things you love this summer:  going to the beach and putting your head under the water, blueberries, the park and children's museums.

I promise to try to keep in touch better from now on.



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